Sunday, May 07, 2006

University of Utah Grad

On May 5th 2006 we drove up to SLC to attend Sheri's graduation from the University of Utah. She graduated with a bachelors degree in Behavioral Sciences. Her husband Peter was proud of her and bought her some flowers. Grandma Larsen was also there to share in the excitement. We all went to the Olive Garden afterwards to have a feast and celebrate. Sheri and Peter will be moving to Monterey California this summer were Peter will be attending the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He will be studying Spanish and in fact is required to go to Spain for 6 weeks this summer to begin his studies. Sheri will be staying at our home in St. George during that time. Sheri is always welcome.....but her dog Ash......maybe only a little.

We made it a quick trip up north (and just as well because it was still winter up there) so that I could get back and join Marty and Eric at the Father and Son's outing. Our ward went to the Red Cliffs campground near Leeds. We have been there several times before. It was OK. We did have some fun swimming in the slickrock pools up the canyon the next morning. Eric has a lot of fun camping out and swimming in streams and pools. He now goes with me on all of the scout campouts (mostly backpack trips) and keeps up with the 12 year old scouts just fine. I really enjoy his company. Marty is always invited but just doesn't want to come along anymore. I just can't understand it. (I guess 15 year olds think it is way too uncool to be seen associating with 12 year old scouts). Marty is still a great kid and to his credit he is a great 15 year old.