Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rainy & Snowy Year

Over the past month or so it has continued to rain in Southern Utah and snow in the mountains.  Finally I have been able to jump on my snowboard and cruise through some powder.  I have had to be more conservative with my descents down the hill, but it feels so good to get back out doing things.  I have even been able to do some toprope rock climbing.  I am still far from full strength, but gradually I can tell I have been improving.  Now it is Deb's turn.  This past week she underwent back surgery (laminectomy/fusion at L4-5).  She spent 3 nights in the hospital.  It was a post-op ileus that kept her in an extra day.  Otherwise she is doing quite well.  This surgery was clearly a bigger surgical procedure than either of us have ever had.  It will take awhile for her to heal.  She has given up her group power class for the time being to another instructor.  I'm sure she will somehow work her way back to teaching it again.  Marty has been accepted to the D.O. school in Kirksville, Missouri.  He is still waiting on final word from the U of U.  He has discovered that it is highly competitive to get into medical school in 2017!