Monday, June 26, 2017

June Lake Powell Trips

This summer I have done two trips to Lake Powell.  First was the Young Women summer camp trip that Deb convinced me to help out with and then second was an overnight trip with Marty and his little family.  The girls camp trip started out just fine as Deb and I went over a day early and set up camp on the shores of Gunsight Canyon not too far up lake.  We had 17 girls and 6 adults on the trip and only two boats.  On the second day of that trip my boat abruptly quit working.  We had just taken the girls hiking up West Canyon and we were then on our way back to camp.  The boat wouldn't start.  A brief storm bore down on us and we were adrift.  Crazy and frustrating.  Todd Bristol had to tow me back to camp and then back to the marina the next morning. Hours of trolling across the lake.  Fortunately, the weather was good and we had no waves to contest with.  We ended up getting my boat repaired at a Mastercraft shop in Page, Arizona. But I ended up driving over to Page and then back to St. George in one afternoon.  It was the fuel pump.  With Marty's trip we conveniently picked up the boat at the shop in Page and then launched onto the lake.  This trip went much better.  The "boys" did really well and we had a lot of fun with them.  We even had cooler weather for the beach and it was comfortable sleeping in a tent on the shores of Lake Powell in June.  I just might have my fill of Lake Powell for awhile.