Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post Wedding News

Things have settled down since the wedding. Angie & Christian are living a couple of miles from us in a condo. They are attending a college married ward. They seem to be doing well. Angie is enjoying working in the NICU at the hospital (even if it is night shifts for now). Debbie has been moving things around back home. Eric is now downstairs in Angie's old room and she has purchased a few new items of furniture for the bedrooms. I am hopefull that we can make room for an indoor climbing wall somewhere in the house. The climbing wall on the east side of the house isn't steep enough for a difficult work-out and isn't conducive to climbing alone and is limited by the daylight and weather. It has gotten more difficult to find climbing partners to get out climbing regularly since Marty started High School and Eric isn't as excited about climbing, although he does join me for climbing here and there. In fact, he just got back from a 3 day trip with me down to Joshua Tree National Park. We had a marvelous time and the weather was perfect. We camped out and enjoyed beautiful star-filled nights. Eric seems to have a knack for crack climbing and also slab climbing. Marty is more of a "sport" climber with talent for steep overhanging face climbing. I continue to enjoy rock climbing of all types. The combination of mountain biking and rock climbing most everyday keeps me in top physical condition and mentally helps me deal with the stress of working in the emergency department. I also enjoy getting outside. In fact, I've always enjoyed being outside ever since I was a little kid. Maybe I should have been a farmer or rancher. I'm hoping that by having a better climbing wall at home on which to "train" I will be able to get stronger and finally "redpoint" a 5.13 climb. Debbie asks me why I feel the need to do so. That is a good question. I do know that I'm not getting any younger and that if I am going to redpoint something that hard, the sooner I get to it, the more likely I will succeed. Rebecca is now playing basketball and is still playing point guard for the Sophomore team. Marty is working at Sunbrook Golf Course and hits the gym daily for work-outs on the weights. He is having a good Junior year at Dixie High School. Eric is in the 5th grade and plays all sports. He is doing well in school (just like his siblings) Eric and Rebecca continue to study piano, but Marty dropped it this year. Debbie is busy at times with her Stake Young Womens President calling and she is still involved with PTA etc. She goes to the Summitt Gym every morning and stays in great shape with her work-out regimens. I have been put back into the Young Men's Organization with the Teachers. I have taken them rappelling, caving, racquetballing and tonight we are going mountain biking. My main problem these days is that I don't live near Sheri and can't see and play with Siena on a daily basis. Maybe Peter can change that in the future when he is done with his education.