Saturday, April 10, 2010

Joshua Tree Climbing Trip

Deb and I just got back from a quick climbing trip to Joshua Tree National Park. I have been to JTree many times on climbing trips. Usually with my sons or climbing buddies. This time I convinced Deb to go. She says it is my birthday present from her this year. We had the good fortune of having very good weather, but even so Deb talked me into staying at a motel instead of camping out. This does have its benefits. I tried really hard to stay on the easier climbs so as not to push Deb too hard. She was a great sport and climbed all but the last route on the 3rd day (which I thought was the best route of the trip, the mega-classic "Sail Away"). It was fun to introduce her to my version of Disneyland. She said that she liked it, but I don't think she had nearly as much fun as I did. It did take me several visits to JTree before I really got into it. It is a combination of the style of climbing, the Mojave desert, the campgrounds and interaction with other climbers, the quirky restaurants in the town of Joshua Tree and also the drive between St. George and JTree that makes it a fun climbing destination for me. Maybe Deb would like a more "traditional" husband, but so far she hangs in there with me. And I really appreciate that!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Conference Weekend

I just got back from a quick trip to SLC and Midway. Eric and I attended the Priesthood session of General Conference. Our whole deacons quorumn and their dads made it (16 of us). It was a great experience and it strengthened our faith. Listening to the prophet in person and singing a hymn with 22,000 other priesthood holders was awesome! After the session we walked over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and had dinner on the top floor at the Garden Room overlooking the Salt Lake Temple. Downtown SLC was packed with Latter Day Saints and Temple Square was full of excitment. I was glad to share this experience with my son Eric and I hope that it helps him build his own confirmation of what he is being taught by us and the Church. We stayed with Mom & Dad up in Midway and woke up to 7 inches of snow on Easter Sunday. It was beautiful, but we were glad to get home to the warm desert of St. George.