Sunday, October 29, 2006

State Champions

Last week Rebecca's soccer team won the 3A state championship. She is a Freshman and started for the JV team most of the year and was invited to dress for the Varsity games, including the championship game. Dixie had a good year and beat Juan Diego in an exciting "shoot out" after playing to a tie in overtime at Hansen Stadium at Dixie College. Yesterday during halftime of the football game Becca and her team mates rode into the stadium on a firetruck with their trophy. Of course Becca was right up front! It has been a great experience for her and hopefully there will be some more great games to come. Between Becca's soccer games and Marty's football games at Dixie High School, we have been more and more involved with sports at Dixie High School. We are at the high school several times a week. Eric also plays for a tackle football team on the 4th grade level that is also "Dixie" with blue jerseys. He plays linebacker and fullback and is an important part of his team. He seems to have a "knack" for football. Dixie High School is doing quite well these days and with it's new campus, stadium and seminary building and success in sports it is once again a desirable school to attend. They will be moving up to 4A this coming year. Deb is the PTA president for Dixie Middle School this year and we joined the booster club at the high school. We plan on being involved for the next several years while Marty and Becca are there. I graduated from Dixie High School back in 1979 and Marty will be in the graduating class of 2009 (30 years later) !