Saturday, March 12, 2016

Springbreak Backpack 2016

We had a brief yet fun backpack trip during the Spring Break from school.  It was my goal to not hike too far into camp so that Marty, Eric & Angie could hike out early in the morning to go snowboarding at Brian Head.  We ended up carrying our packs 4 1/2 miles in to a spot I had found on a previous scout backpack trip over Red Mountain earlier this year.  It was a great spot.  It just was further into the back country than I thought.  Siena & Cara along with their Dad Peter joined us.  They did a great job covering that distance with packs on.  The next morning the sunrise was beautiful and the views spectacular.  We live in such a beautiful area.  I hope to lead many more such trips with my family in the future.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

MCL Injury

I have a grade II tear of my right MCL (medical collateral ligament).  I sustained this while snow boarding with Eric at Brian Head.  We had been up there on a sunny but windy day with some fresh powder lines.  There was also patches of ice and this is what caused me to come of chair 5 lift erratically and catch the toe of my right boot causing the injury.  I felt the pop and had immediate severe pain for a few minutes.  I had a work shift later that day and was able to get a MRI of the knee right off.  I have been instructed by Dr. Anderson to rest it for 4 weeks and let it heal.  No surgery needed for my injury.  It has been difficult to not climb, bike or other things as it has been very warm and spring-like the past couple of weeks.  It hurts like heck quite often too!  It has effected my everyday life considerably.