Monday, February 15, 2016

February Fun 2016

We have been home for a couple of weeks and our tanned skin is still lingering.  The weather has been classic Southern Utah style.  Cold crisp nights with sunny warm afternoons.  Fantastic rock climbing weather but also great for rowdy park excursions with the grandkids.  I did get in a stellar snowboarding day with Eric at Eagle Point the day after our return.  It sure was a stark contrast from hot tropical beaches to powder covered tracks through the pine forests of the Tushar Mountains.  Work shifts at the hospital are busier than ever and it was difficult to have enthusiasm after such a relaxed and enjoyable trip to Railay.  Gathering with our kids and grandkids is usually challenging because there are 5 of them under age 3.  Yikes!  Gotta love them but wow, lots of babies!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

More of Everything Please

The past couple of days here on Railay Beach in Southern Thailand have been hot.  A little rain last evening just as we were finishing our last climb did cool things down for an hours or so, but the humidity is impressive. Climb, go to beach, swim in ocean, walk, swim in private pool beside our villa, walk, eat, walk, climb some more.  Repeat!  I did convince Deb to walk over to Tonsai Bay and try some climbs over there.  The two routes we got on over there worked me good.  Sweltering heat and humidity, and good but polished climbs led to me sweating buckets.  Actually had to rehydrate myself for a couple of hours before I felt normal again.  One more day left for us in Railay.  Good trips always zoom by.  Miss our kids and grandkids though.  Ask Deb about the monkeys at the Diamond Cave Wall.  Just don't laugh or you will show your teeth.  Bad idea.