Thursday, May 08, 2014

Classic Canyons

Zion National Park is home to some "classic" hikes and canyons.  I have done them all multiple times over the years.  This spring due to very little snowpack and no runoff in the Virgin River I have taken the opportunity to hike them.  I made it over to Zion four of the last five days.  It started with a day of rock climbing on the Watchman peak towering over Springdale.  We climbed a crack system called "Chastity Crack"  which had a strenuous approach and wonderful climbing.  The following day I led my partner (Crosby) and his boys through the ever beautiful Subway hike.  Marty came along with me on that day.  Perfect late spring weather.  Cold clear water in the slot section.  Sunday was a good rest day.  Then in a last minute decision, I had my son-in-law Phil come up from Vegas and we backpacked through the Narrows.  Tully joined us and we had a wonderful night in the canyon.  Our camp site was a little ways up Deep Creek.  The three of us hiked out of the Narrows mid day the second day with plenty of time to spare.  Again, we experienced cold, clear low water in the Virgin.  Unusual for this time of the year.  Beautiful vista after beautiful vista.  It almost overloads the senses!