Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adventure Day

I had President's day off this year after a busy weekend in the ED. The forecast was for a sunny warm February day in St. George. I tried to recruite everybody at home to do an "Adventure Day" with me. Meaning we would go from one activity to another all day long in order to get in as many "adventures" as possible. No takers. After much exhorting and prodding and pestering, they agreed to each join me in one activity. Debbie, having suffered a significant injury the previous week, offered to go on a hike. We hiked in a drainage on the east side of Snow Canyon State Park where there are some petroglyph panels. We took Roxie along with us and she ran around the whole time. Sheri joined me on a mountain bike ride up Paradise Canyon near Chuckawalla Crag. We had a wonderful ride and no wipe outs. Eric went with me to Snow Canyon and climbed a multiple pitch climb named "Leopard Skin". We had a great climb and the weather couldn't have been better. I think he enjoyed it more than he would admit. Rebecca graced me with her presence for dinner at my favorite local restaurant. Eric protested loudly about her so called "adventure". I finished off the evening soaking in the jacuzzi with Siena. She of course spends the whole time jumping around and swimming.