Thursday, January 24, 2008

Washington D.C.

The Holidays were great this year. We had Peter, Sheri and Siena join us for most of the break. Then Sheri and Siena stayed on until late January (while Peter did job training in San Francisco). It was a lot of fun to have Siena around. We became even more attached to her and were sad to see her go back to California. In the first part of January I had a meeting in Shepherdstown, West Virginia with other medical directors of national parks regarding EMS issues, training and protocols. It was held at a unique facility run by the Fish and Wildlife division of our government and it was very nice, in wooded country setting about 80 miles from Washington D.C. along the Potomac River. Deb joined me for the trip and after my meetings we broke away and did some sight seeing in D.C. for several days. We stayed in a hotel one block from the National Mall and we toured the war memorials and visited many museums. Although I don't particularly enjoy large cities, it was cool to see many of the famous buildings and memorials in our Nation's Capital. We were particularly impressed with the Holocaust museum and of course the Smithsonian Aerospace museum. At home we are back in the school routine and basketball games (Marty- churchball, Rebecca - sophomore team, Eric- 5th grade league). Angie and Christian continue to establish their home and adapt to married life. We get to see them often and it is nice to have them so close to us.