Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Groundhog Day

It has been a month since I sat down and made an entry into my blog.  I have thought about it a few times, but every time I do something or go somewhere, I realize that I have done these activities many times over.  We all know the comedy movie "Groundhog Day".  In some ways my life has been a repeat of seasons and activities and events that are happening over and over, year after year.  Thus the question comes to my mind.  Is it a good thing that I have had many "groundhog days" this fall?  Are the activities and events things that I am experiencing things that I have chosen to repeat?  Would I change anything?  My answer is.......NO.  I would not change things.  In fact, I believe my choices have set up these repeating days, themes and activities.  Of course I feel like I have not changed at all in many years, but my children and grandchildren certainly are changing.  Especially the little ones.  And naturally I would like to work less days and play more days and maybe travel a bit more.  It has been a great autumn for outdoor activities and especially climbing.  Warm temperatures and blue skies almost every day.  I have rock climbed, gone to the lake to waterski and wakeboard, canyoneered, rode mountain bikes and hiked trails.  Watched sports, movies and fulfilled my high council duties at the YSA stake giving talks, etc.  Played with my grand kids and took young people climbing and rappelling. Went backpacking.   I have spent lots of time over in Zion National Park this fall participating in EMS and SAR training and I even went on a couple of rescues.  This week I will be involved in a wilderness training course for physicians for over in Zion.  This has all been by choice.  I am truly blessed to live in St. George and have a wonderful family around me and to have a career as an emergency doctor at the hospital.  I hope to have many more "groundhog days" to come!