Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Junior Prom 2014

Eric is a junior at Desert Hills High School.  This past weekend was "Junior Prom".  Eric took a wonderful girl from his high school class named Brooke Clark.  He teamed up with a group of his friends, mostly basketball players, to go on their "day date" and then for dinner and the dance.  They had dinner at Dr. & Mrs. Alec Eror's home.  Deb helped with the preparation and serving of the dinner (and to spy on Eric and his date, ha, ha).  I was on duty at the hospital.  Fortunately we had no prom night visits to the ER that night.  Eric tells me he had a good time at Prom and enjoyed his date.  It is a good thing that his Dad insisted on going to prom this year!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Cold As Ice

Even in Southern Utah there is ice.  Especially this winter as the temperatures have been on the cold side especially at night. Rock climbing is still possible and often very enjoyable in the afternoon sun on a southwest facing cliff, but if the sun is not shining or there is a wind, then it is not so enjoyable.  "No ordinary man" will go out climbing but Marty and I still ventured out.  After six straight days of work at the hospital during the "holiday" week (known as "hell week" to us in the emergency as it is the busiest week of the year for us), we were eager to get out climbing even if the sun wasn't shining.  We weren't ordinary men that day.  I then recruited Angie to join me for a day of ice climbing and snowboarding.  We started off with climbing ice at Hidden Haven up Parowan Canyon, followed by a sunny afternoon of snow boarding at Brian Head.  To end up the day we soaked in the Jacuzzi at home with family.  All in all a good day.