Thursday, February 20, 2014

Facing the Rock

Out climbing yesterday with my friend Andrew when he dislodged a chunk of rock about 50 feet up.  I was belaying and just as I looked up it struck me in the face.  Pow!  As I immediately lowered him down blood began dripping off my face.  It definitely stunned me for a few minutes.  After stopping the bleeding and getting a bandaid from my first aid kit I decided to continue climbing as it was a beautiful sunny day up at the crag near Pine Valley.  Later that afternoon I ventured into the ER where I had my partner clean up and suture the wound.  Not a straight cut for sure.  Hopefully it won't slow me down too much.  Deb and I sure make a pair right now.  Me with my cut and scraped up face and her with her cast on her right arm.  We do a lot of explaining as we meet friends and neighbors.  We should be back to normal soon.