Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Birthday

Last year I had a grand celebration for my 50th birthday. This year I had no specific plans. I still had a fun day of celebration though thanks to my family. It was a sunny spring day and I spent the majority of the day over in Zion National Park. Deb and I went climbing and had lunch at Oscars in Springdale. That evening my kids all gathered and shared cake and presents with me. We all then soaked in the Jacuzzi and visited. Even my granddaughters gave me big hugs and kisses ( and if you know Cara at age 2 then you know what a special treat that was for me)! We combined the birthday celebrations with Sheri as she is off to Disneyland today. I missed Rebecca of course, but she will be home soon as she finishes up college. The weekend prior I made a trip to Joshua Trip to camp out and climb. I climbed harder and more difficult routes than usual because I was with a couple of friends who are strong climbers. I enjoyed the hard climbs until I injured a tendon in my wrist. I am hoping it will heal quickly, but so far it is slowing me down.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Climbing Documentary Trailer

I am being featured in a climbing documentary being made by a film class at Dixie State College. It is still in the process of being filmed and edited, but the rough cut will be shown at the Red Cliffs Cinema in St. George on May 2nd.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring Time 2012

It seems like spring is lasting a long time in St. George this year. We had a mild winter and now a blustery spring weather pattern. Days of warmth and sunshine teasing us along only to lambaste us the next day with wind, cold and snow flurries. I have managed to get in good days snow boarding, wake boarding and climbing all in the same week. Riding my mountain bike is a staple of course and keeps me fit. Rebecca drove home from Iowa for spring break along with her boy friend, Phil. They braved the highways for two days each way and luckily had a great place to stop for the night at Nick and Emily's home. We enjoyed showing Phil the St. George area and all of the diverse activities and canyons and fun places to hike, bike and climb. He was a good sport and let me dangle him from a rope high up on cliffs in Zion National Park. Eric joined me up at Brian Head a few times now that basketball season is over. We had a particularly good spring session of boarding last Friday. I have enjoyed having all of my kids around this year and I really like it when they join me in these activities.