Monday, March 15, 2010

Grand Cayman

We just got back from our spring break trip to the Cayman Islands. We stayed on the Grand Cayman, more specifically, the East End. Debbie and I took along Rebecca and Eric. Angie and Christian also flew down and stayed part of the week. It was our first visit to this island and we weren't sure what to expect. We chose a nice place to stay on the more quiet east end and the scuba diving was superb. There were also many places to go snorkeling and this was a daily activity. Snorkeling above a ship wreck was particularly interesting and the fish were especially big at that site. We did encounter some very windy days that had us looking for refuge on the leeward side of the island. The local kite-boarders seemed to love those winds and if I were to have stayed longer I might have tried to learn how to do it. I golfed one afternoon with Christian on a challenging course called "Britania". Our motel did provide us with some kayaks for the ocean and some bicycles to run around on locally. We all got more than enough sun and I came home with a nice sunburn on the shoulders and forehead. I should know better by now, but with the wind it is hard to feel the sun bearing down on you. The day we flew home, we had just enough time to attend sacrament meeting at the Cayman Branch. It is nice to find something familiar so far from home and the meeting was really good. We met the local missionaries and wouldn't you know that one of them was named "Elder Larsen" (from Arizona).