Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

Some Halloween fun with the Larsen Clan in St. George.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Our friend and family dog, Mookie died last week. Eric found him lying down in the backyard. No marks or signs of distress could be seen. It appears that he had sudden cardiac death. In some large breed dogs there are reports of sudden cardiac arrhythmia's and heart defects that show no other symptoms other than sudden death. Needless to say everybody was sad and there were many tears shed as we buried him with his favorite toys in our backyard. Mookie wasn't your typical pet or dog. He was special. As a puppy he caught the attention of every person he came in contact with with his super-friendly disposition and stunning good looks and black and white pattern. As an adult dog he was the best. I took him climbing with me many times and he accompanied me on many backpacking trips. The scout troop and even the stake youth all knew him from the numerous trips and the trek this past summer. I never knew him to bite anybody, in fact he gave kisses and was, as Grandpa Larsen put it, the lickenest dog he ever met. He always came running when I whistled or called for him. Many climbers would comment on what a great dog I had and would ask where I got him. I doubt I will have another dog a great as Mookie.