Monday, September 22, 2008

Desert Hills

We are spending a lot of time at the new high school in St. George these days. Marty is a senior and Rebecca is a junior. Marty is playing on the football team and they have had some wins already this year. Rebecca is a team captain on the soccer team and they too have had some success. Just this week she scored an important goal for her team! (and she is a defender) Debbie is the PTA president-elect and she also spends a lot of time helping out the booster club. I think she is over at the high school every day. Eric is playing in a junior tackle football league and already wears his "Thunder" shirts everywhere. (Desert Hills Thunder is the mascot) The new high school is really nice. It has a 3 building campus with sprawling courtyards and state-of-the-art athletic fields. It is quickly becoming the new and best school in town. Rebecca also was elected Junior Class Vice President and has many friends, including boys who come to the house all the time. Marty is well liked by all crowds and gets high praises from his teachers. He has a steady girlfriend named Hailey. He can be spotted easily driving around town in my old Toyota Tundra (sunfire red) with his custom sticker on the windshield "McFly".