Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pinewood Derbies & Baseball

Eric and I made a fast car for this year's Derby. I was in charge of getting the track and setting it up. Eric likes winning. Little league baseball is in full swing. Eric is on a major league team and is learning fast. Some of those 12 year olds can really pitch. Two nights a week are spent at the ball diamonds in Bloomington. Tomorrow is the Father & Son Outing. The ward is going to Oak Grove campground on the front of Pine Valley Mountain. I plan on hiking to the peak in the morning with Eric. I will invite others but will be surprised to have any takers. Angie is graduating from Nursing School tomorrow at Dixie State College. We are proud of her. It will be a small celebration. We are thinking about kicking her out of the house soon. The dry weather pattern this spring has made for a great climbing season. I have done some awesome climbs in Zion this year. Today I finished bolting a new climb in Snow Canyon State Park. I am still thinking about a name for the route. I have been down two canyons in Zion this year. Next week I have plans to canyoneer through the "Big One". Heaps Canyon is always a challenge and I can expect a long, strenuous, and cold day. Why? Because it is there! Marty wants me to take the boat out to the lake tomorrow with his friends. Every spring the first trip out is potential for problems, especially since our boat is 12 years old now.