Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer is Here

Our family has had a busy time the past couple of months. School is out for the summer, but everyone seems to have lots of things planned. We enjoyed traveling over to Monterey California to visit Sheri, Peter and Siena. Peter's graduation with his Master's degree was reason for celebration. Even with the cold weather we visited the beach twice, but wades into the water only lasted seconds. They will be staying in Monterey for the time being as Peter is working for a translation company out of San Francisco and most of his work is done via the Internet on computers. Sheri continues to work for a local Pediatrician in his office. She is planning to continue her education sometime soon. My granddaughter Siena is the cutest thing ever! I really wish I could see her everyday. Debbie and I check their blog everyday to look for new pictures and video clips. Eric has finished Little League baseball for the year. His team did better than expected and won a lot of games. Eric contributed often and did well for being the youngest on the team. He is a good athlete and is obviously very interested in sports. All of our kids did well in school this year. We are now done with Dixie High School and everyone is shifting their attention and allegiances over to the new high school, Desert Hills. Debbie and I (well mostly Debbie) have been involved in much of the planning with the booster club and PTA. Deb is the president-elect for the PTA at the new high school. The new school is a 60 million dollar facility with state-of-the-art equipment and sports fields. Marty will be one of about 90 seniors in the first graduating class. He is headed for the school's first football camp and hopes to continue playing wide receiver. Mart is working part time at Sunbrook Golf course cleaning and parking golf carts and other various chores. Rebecca will be a junior and is excited to be a part of the soccer and basketball teams. I hope she gets a part time job soon for this summer. Eric has three basketball camps to attend and is now starting scouts. It is safe to say that his first merit badge is going to be Rock Climbing.