Monday, November 22, 2010

NJCAA Tournament Trip

We traveled back to Topeka, Kansas to watch Rebecca's team compete in the NJCAA Division I womens soccer national tournament. Only the top 8 teams in the nation qualify for the tournament. It was held at a nice sports park built by the city of Topeka and we stayed in a motel. In our time off there was not much to do. So I went to the mall twice and a movie theatre once with Deb. I even went running with Deb one morning. The weather was relatively nice for the time of the year but still had us using our down jackets and blankets on the bleachers. Iowa Western Community College was the smallest school there and was seeded 6th. They played a tough team from Georgia (undefeated) in the first round that had a couple of Nigerian girls well over 6 feet tall. Becca had to defend against these tall athletic girls and did a great job. They did not score while she was in the game. Nevertheless, they lost by one goal and dropped into the conselation bracket. They then won two straight games to take 5th place at Nationals. Becca played in all three games and did a great job. She is easy to spot on the field with her long blond curly hair waving and her short quick steps running to meet the ball. Deb and I are very proud of her and it was really fun to be a part of college sports. She is becoming a really good soccer player! We are also glad to hear that she is doing well in her classes back on campus.