Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

A lot has happen in the weeks since Marty has returned from his mission. It has been great to have him along on some of my adventures. We have rock climbed multiple times, ridden our mountain bikes, hiked, ice climbed and we have been up to Brian Head several times already. He has matured so well and is a great companion. I almost hate to see him get a job and start school as I have enjoyed having him around. During the Holidays we have also had Rebecca back home. She is still attending college in Iowa and plans to finish her Associate degree in the spring. She is also becoming more independent and grown up. Dad's wallet still keeps her close by. The basement bedrooms are full once again and Eric has had to share his "man cave" these past few weeks. Sheri and her girls visit us frequently thus our home is usually bustling with activity and commotion. That is mostly a good thing. Angie shows up randomly as her hospital schedule is more chaotic than mine. Deb is slowly getting back to her usual routine. Her Mom's funeral and Marty's return capped with the usual holiday demands had her scrambling to keep up with things. Her fitness instructor duties has also required her efforts. She seems to enjoy teaching, but I fear she will be joining me a lot less out climbing and snow boarding as she takes on more classes over at the "gym". Eric is in the middle of 9th grade basketball and an important part of the team. We will be watching several games in the coming months and hope that his team has success. The New Year celebration was fun. We brought in the new year in the Jacuzzi as we usually do. Several big games of "Pounce" left us laughing and cross-eyed. No storms through the entire holiday break. Bad for snow boarding, but great for climbing and mountain biking and shooting hoops out back.