Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Surfing in the Baja

Today was a surfing day.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny & warmer and little to no wind.  The beach is named Playa Acapulcquito and is known for its slow rolling waves.  The surf shop and surf school are located there.  Perfect for surfers like us.  Novice and beginner.  Eric seems to be a natural as he quickly learned to stand up and catch a wave.  We also did some snorkeling at Playa Santa Maria and listened to the dance beat of loud music when the party boats came in from Cabo filled with spring breakers.  They never stayed long and so it wasn't too annoying.  Like all good vacations the days pass too quickly and the day to travel home sneaks up on you.  That day is tomorrow for us.  Bummer.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hola, from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Our spring break trip this year is in Cabo.  We have rented a beautiful home/villa overlooking the beach along the Sea of Cortez a few miles north of Cabo.  We have been here a couple of days and we are all sunburned from lots of beach time.  This trip is particularly challenging because we brought the twins along.  Carter & Colten.  We just celebrated their first birthday a few days ago.  Today we are thinking about driving up the Pacific coast to a town called Todos Santos.  At night we fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below and in the morning the sunrises across the sea.  We had dinner in town last night and got just a glimpse of the party scene.  I think we prefer the quiet slow pace of our villa.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Junior Year Basketball

Eric just finished his junior year of basketball at Desert Hills High School.  He has enjoyed playing basketball since he was a small kid.  To make the high school team was competitive and some of his friends didn't make the cut this year.  DHHS has a talented student body and Eric was glad to make the team.  Everybody had high hopes for a championship team because of the depth and talent of the team. They started out playing good in the preseason, then struggled in the first round of region games only to  come back strong and get some great wins in the second round.  Again hopes were high as they traveled up to Bear River High in Tremonton, Utah for the first round of the State playoffs.  They lost the game in overtime.  It was a long drive home according to Eric.  Even so, it was fun to watch Eric play basketball and be involved in sports and the basketball team.  Some of the home games had standing room only in the gym with the student body filling the stands with lots of excitement and spirit.  That had to be a lot of fun!  Eric did get most of his playing time in the JV games each week and continues to be a strong foul shot shooter and is also known for his 3-pointers.  A few games this year,  the whole family was sitting in the stands cheering him on.  Babys included!