Friday, November 30, 2012

Fit To Be Thaid

Got up early this morning to get out climbing while the sky was clear, the temperatures slightly cooler and the Euro climber crowd still sleeping off their booze.  Thought I would check my e-mail and tried to send a quick message then the computer didn't work and it got us off a little late and of course I was "fit to be tied".  Then we hiked up through the slippery jungle to the base of the Thaiwand Wall.  The first climb we climbed was named "Fit To Be Thaid"!  It is my new favorite climb here at Railey.  Steep and pumpy with lots of exposure and a killer view.  The afternoon was spent on the beach and sure enough an afternoon rainstorm came along.  We did manage to squeeze in a few more climbs before dark and dinner at Mom's Kitchen.  A great Thai dinner for 11 dollars (for the both of us).  Tomorrow should be the same (hopefully without the rain storm).

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thai Thrice

We have traveled back to Thailand a 3rd time.  Deb and I really enjoy this spot as it has many of the attributes we seek in our vacation destinations.  We are getting a very early celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary coming up next year and because of family schedules and monsoon rains, it turns out that the time is now for the trip.  I must say the travel is long and tedious to get here and it seemed a bit more sufferable this time around.  It was our first time making a connection in Beijing, China as we flew on China Air.  All I can say about that airline, is "pack "em in" and think small!  Other Asian airlines have been a much better experience for us.  Today we spent several hours on Phrang Nang beach and then got in some rock climbing before a thunderstorm chased us back to our hotel a little early.  I have realized that Railey here in Southern Thailand has many contrasts and to savor the good things one must endure the less desirable things.  I could expound on these contrasts but will do so later.    Love and miss everyone at home, especially the grand daughters!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Warm Thanksgiving in 2012

We had a fine Thanksgiving this year with warm sunny days (70 degrees).  Too bad that Marty and I had to work almost every day and half of the family visited the "In-laws".  Those of us still around basked in the sunlight playing basketball, mountain biked and rock climbed.  Our annual hike up to Angel's Landing was a good one because of the weather and our decision to get a late start.  Eric and I put up the Christmas lights and with no frost on the roof tiles, it was a little less "dicey".  Hopefully next year we will all get together.  For the mean time Deb and I enjoyed the slow and quiet weekend.