Monday, September 28, 2009

Zion Narrows

A few weeks ago I guided the scout troop through the Zion Narrows. We had 5 boyscouts, including Eric, and 5 fathers for the overnight hike down the famous Narrows. This is the 3rd time I have guided our ward's scout troop down the North Fork of the Virgin River. The first group included Marty some 6 years ago. We had splendid weather and sleeping on a sand bar next to the flowing water in the narrow canyon is always eupherial. We did not come across any other hikers until we were at Big Springs, then the onslot of humanity crescendoed and climaxed with the crowded bus ride down the canyon. It is really fun and rewarding to introduce the "Narrows" to these young scouts as I believe it is one of the great classic hikes on our planet. Feasting on a "Murder Burger" at Oscar's Cafe at the end of the 2nd day is becoming tradition.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Return to Costa Rica

Marty and I took a "Father & Son" trip to Costa Rica this past week. We went with Marty's friend, Jeff Hicken and his father Alan. We flew to San Jose, the capital, and spent a couple of nights there before renting an SUV and driving to the Pacific coast to stay in Nosara and surf. The first day there we went on a rafting trip down the Pacuare River in eastern Costa Rica. This river cuts through a jungle laden gorge and we negotiated 53 rapids over an 18 mile stretch. We went with Costa Rican river guides that were recommended by our cousin Andrew Taylor. This may have been the highlight of our trip, but we also had some great sessions of surfing at Playa Guiones. Our trip coincided with the rainy season and we did get rained on nearly every day, but the rain is so warm and the ocean warm also that it didn't seem to matter. We still were able to complete our activities. The jungle was especially lush and green with many exotic flowers in bloom. While there we attended church at a small branch in the city of Nocoya. We met the missionaries there and enjoyed the members friendly welcome that Sunday morning. Marty and I had lots of time to talk and discuss his upcoming mission and his plans for life. I am proud of his choices and his desire to do the right thing. No doubt I will miss him a lot when he goes!

Mission Call

Marty received his mission call. He was called to the St. Louis Missouri mission and will report to the MTC on November 18th. Everyone in the family is very excited about his call and Marty is becoming prepared for the day. He was ordained an Elder a few weeks ago. Marty has a great attitude about his call and wants to serve the Lord the best he can. His good friend, Tyler Nash, is already serving in the same mission and was so excited to hear that Marty is joining him in the mission field.