Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birthday Week

This past week I had my 53rd birthday, but more significantly, my daughter Sheri celebrated her 30th birthday. She really did a lot of celebrating over the past few weeks. Originally I had made plans to travel down to Joshua Tree National Park and camp out and climb.  I make this spring trip virtually every year.  All of my potential climbing partners canceled on me and therefore I got to stay around home and base my weeks adventures here in St. George.  During the week I was able to climb the west face of the Watchman in Zion.  Canyoneer down through Imlay canyon in a rare April trip through that challenging canyon.  Mountain bike around St. George and near Zion on my new bike.  Participate with SAR training in the Narrows over in Zion.  And last but not least, Sky Dive with Sheri at the Hurricane airport for my 3rd jump.  I also spent some time with my grand kids swimming in the Jacuzzi and going to dinner and opening presents.  The weather was warm and dry.  Good for activities but bad for the drought.  Our snow pack above Zion is 37% of normal this year.  Very dry.  Now some work shifts this weekend has put a damper on things for a couple of days, but next week should bring opportunities for some more adventures!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cold & Hot

April is here again and naturally the weather is volatile.  Hot for a few days or even an afternoon, then cold and snowing the next.  Thus it has been this year in Southern Utah.  These are the days when you can snow board the best powder of the year and a day later be wake boarding at the lake and getting sunburned.  Throw in rock climbing, mountain biking and canyoneering and it is difficult to know how to dress when you walk out the door.  Shorts and tevas or down jacket and a beenie?  Eric is 17 years old today.  We took the Mastercraft out to the lake for the spring maiden run after school to celebrate.