Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Marty's Farewell

We took Marty to the MTC today. We left St. George early in the morning and drove up the state. Pizza Factory in Provo was our meeting place for lunch where we met up with Sheri and her girls and the Plumb family who was also taking Marty's friend Will up to the MTC. After a leisurely lunch we drove up to the Provo Temple where we got out and took a few photos and then drove the last remaining block to the entrance of the MTC. That place was buzzing with activity, missionaries and arriving cars. We were directed to a spot along the curb where 4 missionaries assisted Marty in unloading and then escorting him into the MTC. We took literally one minute to say good-bye and then hopped back in the car and drove off. It was really hard in some ways, but also very exciting in others. This is exactly what we wanted Marty to do, but at the same time we will miss him a lot! We are very proud of him and I'm sure he will make a great missionary. The weekend before he left many of our family gathered and spent some time with us. Marty had a lot of support on Sunday when he spoke in sacrament meeting. Our chapel was packed and the meeting was spiritual. Marty gave an awesome talk. His setting apart by our Stake President last night was so good. He received an awesome blessing. In the weeks before his departure, Marty and I did a lot of things together. We went climbing often. We canyoneered, golfed, hiked, wake-boarded, and watched football games, movies and did lunch at our favorite places, etc. Did I mention that I am going to miss him!?