Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marty Graduates!

Marty graduated from High School this past week. We had many come from afar to celebrate with us. Marty graduated in the 1st graduating class of Desert Hills High School. Although he was not the valedictorian, he did have very good grades and also received an excellent scholarship from Dixie State College. We are all proud of him. With various grandparents we visited the lake on our boat and went climbing and attended little league baseball games. Debbie went on the senior trip with Marty as an adult chaperon. They left immediately after the ceremony to travel by bus down to Disneyland and the beach. I was offered a spot as a chaperon as well. However, since I loath both Disneyland and Southern California in general I graciously declined. Eric and I have been preparing for our 50 mile backpack trip with the scouts across Zion National Park. I am looking forward to spending a lot of "quality time" with Eric during that week. I just wish I could have thrown in a few technical canyons along the way to make it more interesting and challenging.