Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Disney World

We flew to Orlando, Florida and spent 3 days at Disney World. Everybody knows how much I loathe theme parks, but I was not in a position to skip this trip. Originally I was supposed to be climbing Peru's highest mountain during the first 2 weeks of August, but plans for that trip fell apart. Debbie's father wanted to get all of his children and grandchildren together, so he offered to finance the trip for everyone (this included airfare, motel, food and park passes). Only Sheri and Pete missed out because of their need to get established in Monterey California before he began his studies there.
We had a good time at the park, but our traveling woes were significant. It all started when we got stuck on the freeway in Las Vegas at 4:40 in the morning and missed our 6 am flight. We found out how difficult it is to have 6 people fly stand-by across the nation on a busy airport day (23 hours later we all finally arrived to our hotel in Orlando). The waterparks were my salvation and I spent more than half of my time sliding and swimming at them. As expected it was hot and humid in Florida that time of the year. It would take over a week to see every thing at Disney World. Much bigger and better than Disneyland in smog ridden LA. Our flight home was canceled because of a ripple effect from the Terrorist problems in London the day before. We ended up flying to North Carolina to catch a flight to Las Vegas on a different airline.
We are now back home and finally into our routine. School has started and Marty, Rebecca and Eric are all invloved in various activities. Marty is now at Dixie High School as a sophomore and on the football team and is always hanging out with friends and is very social. Rebecca has made the high school soccer team as a freshman and is also very involved with friends and school. Eric has started the 4th grade and is signed up for tackle football again. He has been climbing more often with his Dad and is starting to lead some of the climbs by himself. It is easy to forget that he is only 9 years old still because he acts and looks older than that. Angie is still living at home and will be starting her second year of nursing school. She works at a medical clinic here in town.