Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back to Costa Rica

A year after traveling to Costa Rica for the first time we went back and this time we took the whole family. Just like the first trip we spent most of our time in the beach town of Nosara on the Pacific coast. We did add in a side trip to the interior of the country to visit the Arenal Volcano and the hot springs that flow through the jungle on the lower flanks of the mountain. I would like to stay in that area for a week or two to do more exploring and adventuring. Apparently the river rafting is great and there are hikes through the cloud forests to mountain tops. The area around Nosara was hot and dry and the beach was warm. We all got a little too much sun the first few days. The surfing was great and everyone gave it a go, even Eric got up a few times. The surf was particularly big while we were there and Gordon and Marty had some adventures out in the "impact zone". (the waves were between 8 and 13 feet). It was fun to have the whole family together, including our son-in-law, Peter. He really helped out with the driving and it was reassuring to know that he was also proficient at speaking Spanish. One of the highlights of the trip was the new Canopy Tour in Nosara. It had the world's longest zip lines. Marty also talked us into going to a disco one night in the small town of Nosara. We sure had an interesting time dancing the Salsa. Rebecca and Angie had a lot of Costa Rican guys looking them over and asking them to dance. The night was hot and the dancing fast and we sure drew a lot of attention until we decided to duck out well before the party ended. Our week in Costa Rica sure flew by fast. We had a great trip and best of all was the fact that we got to do it together as a family.