Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eric Turns Sixteen!

Eric had his 16th birthday a few days ago (April 10,2013).  A few months ago he made an early request for his birthday gift.  He suggested a ticket to a Jazz basketball game. Specifically, the game where the Oklahoma Thunder came to SLC.  So I picked him up from school early and we drove up the state in a spring snowstorm.  Good driving experience for him.  We arrived early to the game and watched the warm-up sessions and the fans coming in.  What a spectacle!  This was my first NBA game as well.  We had center court seats on the 18th row.  The Jazz lost, but Eric was excited to see Kevin Durrant play for the Thunder.  We then spent the night with Grandma & Grandpa up in Midway before driving home.  Later the family gathered for gift giving and cake.  Today he was ordained a Priest.  He is a great young man and I'm sure he will yet do some great things in his life.