Sunday, August 07, 2016

Eric @ the Provo MTC

Eric made the decision to go back out on his mission.  It has been about a year since he took a "sabbatical" from his mission to Chile.  Eric was assigned to serve in the San Fernando California Spanish speaking mission.  We drove him up on a Wednesday and met my parents at Macaroni Grill and had lunch with them.  Deb & I then drove over to the busy MTC and dropped him off.  The curbside goodbye is quick and almost painless.  No time to get very emotional.  In the time it takes to get his suitcases out, another missionary has already latched onto him.  The first thing the Eric heard getting out of the car was "EEEEEEE"!!  A former basketball buddy and now a missionary (Elder Badge Morris) came running over and hugged Eric and grabbed his bags and wisked him off after a quick hug for Deb & I.  Just like that he was gone.  He was all grins.  Now Deb & I are finally along at home.  Weird but kind of good.  We pray for Eric daily and hope his new assignment will provide a wonderful mission experience for him.